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Tajikistan – General Information

Tajikistan is a picturesque mix of mountain ranges and alpine meadows of the Pamirs, where the origins of the mighty rivers and extraordinary alluring beauty of the lakes are neighbors!

Tajikistan is the ancient cities, the artifacts of lost civilizations: Penjikent, Khujand, Istaravshan. Architectural composition of palaces and temples of Penjikent is unique and doesn’t have analogues neither in Central Asia, nor in any other country of the East.

Tajikistan is a unique country in terms of climatic zones. Coming here, you will visit the deserts, similar to the Sahara, and the alpine meadows up to the high mountain glaciers, which are not inferior to Himalayan.

Until recently, Tajikistan was very popular among hikers, climbers, sky surfers and other athletes – fans of extreme sports. This love to the Tajik spots of indescribable beauty is also due to the fact that you can travel in the Republic all year round. By the number of clear days per year (about 250), the Republic had one of the first places in the former Soviet Union.

Due to physical and geographical characteristics, the country has great potential for tourism development and for the receiving tour groups of different directions and interests.

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